Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Uppity Workamper with a Fancy Motorhome...or, what this blog was almost called!

This was supposed to be the title of this blog, but I was afraid future workamping employers would find it and not hire me!  This is far from being my most important post, but I'm choosing it to be the first because it is about the naming of this blog.  The next post will be about the naming of my tiny house on wheels.

I'm on my second season of Amazon Camperforce, this year in Campbellsville, Kentucky.  We work ten hour shifts, which is a long time to leave your dog alone. Swapping dog walking with people on other shifts is common.  I'm on night shift and when I arrived, I found a day shift person to walk my dogs at night, while I walked his dog mid-day.

Barkley and Redford at nearby Green River Lake State Park

Imagine my dismay when I arrived home at 4:15 on a Sunday morning to find my motorhome in total disarray!  Cigarette butts, beer bottles and caps, and a lighter were on the floor.  I found a shot glass in my bedroom.  Most of a just-opened 3 liter box of Merlot was gone, although quite a bit of it was spilled on my floor, counter, and table.  A blanket had been shoved into my dogs' crate.  I received a text saying "left beer and cider for you in the 'frig!  Enjoy!" but there was no beer or cider to be found...bottom line, my dog walker invited strangers into my home and threw a party, and was too careless to clean up afterwards, thereby getting caught! 

As it was 4:15 a.m. when I found the destruction, I didn't want to go to the van dweller's campsite and beat him senseless, because it would have woken up the day shift people.  Isn't that considerate of me?  LOL!  Also, I am non-violent so while I contemplated clubbing him on the head, instead I texted him that he needed to find other arrangements for his dog and that my key was now hidden.

His reaction was to text back that I am "just another uppity workamper with a fancy motorhome."   I found that so amusing that I decided on the spot that I needed to start blogging with blog title "Uppity Workamper with a Fancy Motorhome" because it's so catchy that I thought everyone would follow it.

Cutting him off was actually the worst thing I could do to him because from then on, he had to pay someone to walk his dog...the story spread throughout the campground and nobody else would barter dog walking with him...and because he has one of the neediest desires to be liked that I have ever seen in my life.  Just my act of not liking him caused him great pain.  He continued to send a series of (unanswered) late night texts over the next couple of weeks about what a big meanie I am for not forgiving him.

Dogs love to go walking!  Green River Lake State Park, Campbellsville

Did I mention that this in-DUH-vidual is in his forties?  This is not a teenager....

The worst thing was drinking my wine before I arrived home in the wee hours of the morning in a dry county on a Sunday...thereby ensuring that the only way to replace it was to wait until that afternoon and drive half an hour to the next county!  He promised to replace it on payday...that was months ago and of course he never did.

Not to worry, Barkley and Redford immediately found more responsible dog walkers!  Because we are on opposite shifts, I joke with them...via PM of course...that I know their dogs and not them!

In the end, I decided the blog title should be "The Adventures of Sweet Pea the RV", and my next post will explain why.  But wouldn't you love to follow a blog entitled "Uppity Workamper with a Fancy Motorhome?"  Sounds like a SNL sketch.

The not very fancy motorhome Sweet Pea the RV at Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida

I am actually laughing at this as I type, and I hope you are laughing as you read it.  There was no permanent harm done, except maybe to my trust of a certain individual.  I don't think I'm very uppity, although your mileage may vary, and I drive a very small ten  year old motorhome, so it's not very fancy, but I am indeed a workamper and this blog is intended to entertain you over the coming months and years with my adventures and mishaps as an RVing migrant worker.  Friends have been begging me to blog since I went full-time in my RV April 2015, and I dug in my heels and said NO!!!  But I'm about to head out West for big adventures and that's REALLY what this blog is all about.  Thank you for reading and laughing along with me!  Feel free to subscribe from the box at the upper right of the page, please like our Facebook page, and share with friends.


  1. That was a very good first blog! I am looking forward to the next. As a comment, everything is relative; for someone who lives in a van you have a fancy RV. Not to stick up for the guy.

  2. Uppity is NOT a word I would use to describe you.... LOL... you're just reflecting on your gypsy adventures with your boys... love it!

  3. Excellent. And, yes, I would follow a blog entitled "Uppity Workamper with a Fancy Motorhome" but am pleased to follow the blog entitled "The Adventures of Sweet Pea the RV". Thanks for setting the tone with a chuckle!

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  5. i would have beat his ass senseless!!! what a POS!! i'm glad you have found humor in it (albeit probably after the fact :). looking forward to following your adventures!

  6. I would never peg you as uppity! Who even uses that word anymore? Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your blog and traveling with you and your boys.

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  9. Oh my! I can't imagine how you would feel after that invasion! Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures!

  10. My first thought went to the safety of the dogs. One could have escaped with such an irrisponsible in-DUH-vidual. Thank dog Barkley and Redford were fine. Looking forward to the next post.